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“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” – Kenyan Proverb

“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” – Kenyan Proverb

We would like to share a few of our experiences, ideas and if you may allow some of our visions regarding life in general but mainly how the family life impacted us as a whole.

Our five wonderful children keep us super busy the whole day through. Starting in the morning by getting them all ready to go to school, coming back for lunchtime, going back for another couple of hours, finally coming back home, getting ready for dinner, squeeze the homework’s in between, listen to everyone’s stories, try to remember everything they say and put in practice, do household every day otherwise it piles up and thats not such a good thing if it happens (smile) and get them all ready for bed. 

Finally when that happens you may allow yourself a time out. At least in theory… because in practice it looks totally different. 

Exactly then the mind starts rolling. And we think and think. What have we done good? What could we do better?

In the run of creating this perfect universe for our children we realize that actually they create it for us.

When we first started our online store Tobogan Kids we were driven by numbers and profit. Even our children were saying and here we quote: “oh that toy looks cool this means we can sell it for 100?”. First we did not understood what do they mean by 100? Dollars? Euro? Francs? No for them 100 (a bigger number) means “a lot of money”, therefore 100 Money. In their innocent mind they just discovered a new currency. Hilarious story to be honest with you but it did brought us to the following thoughts. 

We live in a world ruled by material things. We teach our children to be productive and earn money, lots of it. I mean nowadays you can’t go far without it.

They (children) see us doing the same. They follow what we do and not what we tell them to do.

It’s incredible the impact we have over these little tiny us. We wish that our children become the better version of ourselves, that they go to higher schools, have bigger houses and yes there again more money.

In our rush are we not forgetting something even more important?

What happened with “Love”, “Family” and not at least “Time” to do all written above?

That’s how our vision became more clear to us and we decided to implement it through our store. Together we spend the time by learning and teaching entrepreneurship to ourselves and our children, collect ideas and try to make something out of it, go beyond the invisible lines and be creative. 

They are not just children. They are our children on the way to become great and kind people. Every mom and dad knows that its hard work, with tremendous responsibility and sacrifice.

But that is not what it is all about. We put accent on being together. To hold on to each other. To express our feelings.

And who knows at one point the 100 Money will be there too. After all from time to time we all need a vacation (smile).

More stories will follow.


With love


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Thijs Jonge
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