Five different ways children develop by playing

Five different ways children develop by playing

We are always searching for possibilities to make sure our little one's develop in the best ways. Psychologist agree that playing has several different effect on the development of our children.

At Tobogan Kids our goal is to find toys that children like to play with and help the educational development process at the same time. Take a look in our Kids toys collection and find the product that will help your precious kids to develop in 5 different ways.

1. Play Leads to Discovery of the Physical World (Physics and Math)

When children play they are discovering things about their world and in doing so, developing a deep understanding of the natural physics and mathematical principles of our world. This is called constructive cognition. Learning isn't something that happens to you, it is something you do! By putting together the Wooden Block Mushroom they will develop all kinds of skills. 

2. Play Leads to Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

As children discover their world through play they also are developing the ability to problem solve. If the blocks from our Wooden Colored Geometric Building Blocks don't fit one way, they will have to find the way that they will fit. We can show them what is the correct way to put the blocks in but if we allow them to find the solution through active discovery, they begin to truly understand how it works. These discoveries involve observation, comparison, classification, and trying different ways to solve the problem. These are all real-world problem-solving skills! 

3. Play helps Children Develop Self-Control and Social Skills

Social play in which a few children play a game together and make up a pretend scenario is a natural environment for children to learn and practice self-regulation skills. When children work toward a common goal they have to regulate their impulses in order to cooperate (children who are more impulsive especially benefit from this kind of play). The Baby Wooden Building Blocks Sensory Toys are perfect to let children play together and develop their self-control and social skills. This is also how children learn about social rules like sharing, negotiating, resolving conflicts and how one must act in a group to get something done. 


4. Play Builds Healthy Minds and Bodies

Physical activity play in preschoolers is called physical exercise play and in middle schoolers rough and tumble play. Basically, both of these types of play involve large body movements and exercise.

The best thing is that kids are motivated by nature to exercise in this playful way. Most likely, physical play helps children develop strength and endurance. Moving their bodies gives input to their developing brains and bodies. 

5. Play Promotes Connection and Relationships

Play is how children interact with their world and how they communicate. To connect with them we best use our playfulness. Directly playing with them and getting yourself in their world will create closeness and trust with them. The Monkey Bowling Game is a perfect tool to do just this.  


We hope Tobogan Kids can help your children develop in the best and most fun way!


Thijs Jonge
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